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Jonathan Monteiro

                                                                        Undergraduate Student, Level III


Jonathan is entering his third year of Biochemistry at McMaster University in the Fall of 2021. He was introduced to immunology when taking the immunology courses during his first two years at Mac, and by the lab's own Immunology and Beyond podcast. As a previous NSERC USRA student at the Didar Lab in McMaster's School of Biomedical Engineering, Jonathan really enjoyed being able to work to solve problems in science, and wanted to continue this passion for research in the field of immunology. He's really interested in pursuing graduate school after his undergrad, integrating immunological research into disease therapy.


For his third-year thesis, Jonathan will be working with Emily, continuing her work investigating the immunoregulatory role that interferons have on immune cell function during infection. Together, they'll be focusing on studying this behaviour by investigating the poorly-elucidated functions of IFN-γ on macrophage phenotype and behaviour.

In his free time, Jonathan really enjoys writing and cooking for fun, swimming and being in the water on hot days, and working with children in the Hamilton community. 


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