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Sara Ettehadieh

                                                                        Undergraduate Student, Level II


Sara will be going into her second year of the BHSc (Honours) program at McMaster University. She was first exposed to the field of Immunology in her first-year cellular biology class through a lecture on the innate immune system. After this lecture, her interest grew and she began listening to various podcasts such as the lab's own "Immunology and beyond". This year Sara is excited to immerse herself in the lab as well as learn even more about immunology through the third-year immunology elective she will be taking.


As a part of the Ashkar Lab, Sara will be working in collaboration with "the Doxey lab" to apply data mining techniques to identify and compare epithelial cell membrane proteins.


In her free time, Sara enjoys, baking cookies and cinnamon buns for her friends and playing sports such as hockey!


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