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Amelia Montemarano

                                                                        Undergraduate Student, Level IV

Amelia is entering her fourth year of the Health Sciences program at McMaster University this fall. After taking an immunology course during her first year at Mac, she was fascinated by the cellular mechanisms involved in disease pathogenesis and how the immune system is able to elicit such intricate and effective responses to these processes. Amelia is interested in studying how the innate immune system interacts with various pathogens and diseases, such as viral infections and cancers, and how this knowledge can be translated into the development of immunotherapies. She is excited to explore these interests by pursuing research in the field of immunology. 


Amelia will be working with Liz to investigate the role of innate immunity, such as the involvement of microglia, in ZIKV-induced disease. She will also help to investigate what regulates their function in different mouse models. 


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