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Misaal Mehboob

Undergraduate Student, Level III


Misaal will be going into her third year of the Honours Biochemistry program at McMaster University. Misaal gained an interest in conducting immunological research after taking her first immunology class in University. Among all of the immunological concepts she learned, she was especially intrigued by the use of innate immune defenses for cancer therapy. While only having formal training in organic chemistry and biochemical techniques, Misaal is excited to immerse herself in the world of immunology and gain new research insights - especially to acquire a multidisciplinary understanding of infections, diseases, and therapeutics.

As part of the Ashkar lab, Misaal will be working with Ana, assisting her in her project of harnessing the anti-tumour function of NK cells against solid tumors, such as breast cancer. She will also be helping investigate novel strategies to enhance NK cell homing and infiltration into solid tumors. 

Some of Misaal’s recreational activities include reading novels, journaling, and making digital art. 



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